7320 Billfish have been Released to be Caught Again


November 28, 2014


Please mark your calendars for the EAST CAPE BILLFISH TOURNAMENT!
CORRECT DATES: June 14-18, 2015

July 21, 2014


The Tournament Anglers Association 2015 Ixtapa Sailfish Tournament information will be posted on this web page shortly. SAVE THE DATES: January 19-26, 2015!

June 23, 2014

Danny Brooks Is The 2014 Eastcape Champion

Both the temperature and the fishing seemed to ratchet up a few notches as Tournament Anglers' Association members gathered at Hotel Palmas de Cortez for the 27th Annual Eastcape Billfish Tournament. The Hotel, located on the Sea of Cortez in the southern Baja town of Los Barrilles, once again proved to be an outstanding host. Their fleet of well-equipped charter boats and capable crews has been finding billfish for the TAA for more than a quarter-century, and this year was no exception.
Day one had everyone aboard, armed with ballyhoo and live bait and off the dock by 7:00AM. Mi Pistola spotted a finning striped marlin less than a mile off the beach and the first release of the tournament was notched by Bill Evans at 7:04. The action seemed hottest in the early hours but did continue through the day. Top angler for day one was Richard Schwager on Pez Vela with three marlin and a Pacific sailfish. Several anglers had three releases. Also noteworthy, Ben Ogle released a blue marlin in under thirty minutes. Mi Pistola was top boat for the day with six marlin releases. The Tournament released 35 billfish on the first day.
Day two saw the wind pick up a bit and once again, the radios were most active in the morning with releases being reported in an area less than five miles off the Punta Colorada lighthouse. With the wind up, day two's release count backed off a bit, but not for one angler. Danny Brooks aboard Rude Boy, released five stripers and was top angler for the day. Rude Boy was top boat with seven releases. All told, TAA anglers released 32 billfish on day two.
The standings going into the final day had Danny Brooks in first place with seven marlin released. Three other anglers had five releases each. At the end of the day though, Danny had just about lapped the field! With three marlin releases, he was top point-getter again for day three. His boat, Mahi-Mahi was top boat with five releases. The field released 17 billfish on the last day of competition.
In total, 24 anglers released 92 Billfish (89 stripers, one blue and two sails). Danny Brooks was first with 10 releases totaling 2500 points. Pete Davis was second with six marlin released totaling 1500 points. Will Evans was third with six releases totaling 1485 points and past Eastcape champion Keith Leimbach was fourth with six releases and 1400 points.
As occasionally happens, we had a last-minute tournament cancellation. The call went out for an alternate and Keith's brother-in-law, John Osterberg, stepped in admirably, catching and releasing his first three marlin!
The releases were about evenly spread between lures and bait, with rigged ballyhoo rapidly increasing as a preference. The crews are finding them to be a reliable and durable bait, and are embracing rigging with enthusiasm and skill.
Tournament Chairman Will Evans and Co-Chairman Pete Davis did a great job organizing and directing the effort. It takes a ton of preparation to get a tournament launched, especially in another country and these two guys did a terrific job. The Hotel staff and boat crews were outstanding, as always. The Van Wormer family really has a top-notch resort and fishing destination at Palmas de Cortez!
So with the 27th successfully in the books, we look forward to the 28th Eastcape Billfish Tournament to be held June 12-16th, 2015! The Chairman is Pete Davis and the Co-Chairman is Steve Davis. Mark your calendars!

June 3, 2014


We want to wish all of the anglers fishing the East Cape Billfish Tournament the very best of luck. We are looking forward to reports from the participants!

April 24, 2014

TAA Members Fish Offshore World Championship

TAA members Karen & Rodger Comstock and Judy and Rocky Franich represented the International Roosterfish Tournament in the recently held Offshore World Championship. This event was held in Quepos, Costa Rica. Sixty five teams competed representing tournaments from around the world.

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